[KimDaBa] Kimdaba Wish List

Daniel Berger daniberger at gmx.ch
Mon Feb 2 16:23:20 GMT 2004

Jesper K. Pedersen wrote:

>Rafael Beccar <rafabeccar at speedy.com.ar> writes:
>| Hi Jesper,
>| I have installed the January 28th snapshot, and it works great. So, I would 
>| like to contribute with a little brain storming for the Kimdaba wish list:
>| - I would like to see Slide Show features like those present on Kuickshow, 
>| where you can set the delay between slides in seconds and choose to start the 
>| Slide Show in full screen mode (or even to choose to view a single picture in 
>| full screen mode). 
>Select a number of images, and press i or select the right mouse button and
>choose "view images", now try pressing the right mouse button in the
>viewer, and you will see that its there already ;-)
I had my problems to find this function too.
My suggestion to make this a bit more intuitive:
If none (or one) image is selected, pressing i should iterate over all 
and when more than one is selected, it should work as it is now.
yes, I know, I just can press CTRL-A + i and thats it
(but only for this screen of 100 or 200 images, not ALL images.)

And I don't think it would need much work to invest.


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