[KimDaBa] Kimdaba Wish List

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at kde.org
Mon Feb 2 14:12:46 GMT 2004

Rafael Beccar <rafabeccar at speedy.com.ar> writes:

| Hi Jesper,
| I have installed the January 28th snapshot, and it works great. So, I would 
| like to contribute with a little brain storming for the Kimdaba wish list:
| - I would like to see Slide Show features like those present on Kuickshow, 
| where you can set the delay between slides in seconds and choose to start the 
| Slide Show in full screen mode (or even to choose to view a single picture in 
| full screen mode). 
Select a number of images, and press i or select the right mouse button and
choose "view images", now try pressing the right mouse button in the
viewer, and you will see that its there already ;-)

| - A feature where you can set how many time the Info Box will be present on an 
| image during a Slide Show. The time could be proportional to the delay 
| between slides. For example:
| Delay between slides: 10s
| Info Box present during: 50% of the time
| So, after five seconds the Info will Box vanish.
OK added to TODO list, I'll think about it.

| The next one sounds pretty crazy even to me and could be not worthy to 
| implement, but as I said it's just a brain storming:
| - In this feature we only tell Kimdaba the proportion of time the Info Box 
| will be present on the screen (let's say 50% like before). Then, Kimdaba 
| calculate the delay between slides in function of the amount of characters 
| the Info Box contains and the determined time that takes for a person to read 
| that number of characters (letting the user decide how long this time is but 
| providing a default time taken from some research that I guess might exist). 
| ;-)
That does indeed sound like a lot of work for a tiny feature, so thanks for
the storm in my brain, but I'll postpone that idea till I one day can't
come up with more features ;-)

| Well, that's all. I will contact you again if something else comes into my 
| mind. ;-)
Please do.

Kind Regards

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