[KimDaBa] Kimdaba Wish List

Rafael Beccar rafabeccar at speedy.com.ar
Mon Feb 2 16:31:44 GMT 2004

El Lun 02 Feb 2004 11:12, Jesper K. Pedersen escribió:
> Rafael Beccar <rafabeccar at speedy.com.ar> writes:
> | Hi Jesper,
> |
> | I have installed the January 28th snapshot, and it works great. So, I
> | would like to contribute with a little brain storming for the Kimdaba
> | wish list:
> |
> | - I would like to see Slide Show features like those present on
> | Kuickshow, where you can set the delay between slides in seconds and
> | choose to start the Slide Show in full screen mode (or even to choose to
> | view a single picture in full screen mode).
> Select a number of images, and press i or select the right mouse button and
> choose "view images", now try pressing the right mouse button in the
> viewer, and you will see that its there already ;-)

Yes, but it involves to press some keys and menus that my parents (for 
example) are not going to remember in their entire life. I would like to have 
the possibility of setting everything in Kimdaba configure menu and allow my 
parents to run the slide show with the configuration I've chosen simply by 
selecting the images they want and pressing one single button or key. The 
configure menu would be something like:
Always Open images in full screen mode (true/false)
Always toggle to full screen in slideshow (true/false)
Delay between slides: "X" seconds
Info Box is present during: 0-100% of the time 

And the user would still be able to overwrite this from the picture itself.

I might sound too concerned about my parents. But after all, they were those 
who made the effort of educating me and my brother in a country where good 
education is certainly not easy to obtain. So, Kimdaba is a great gift for 

> That does indeed sound like a lot of work for a tiny feature, so thanks for
> the storm in my brain, but I'll postpone that idea till I one day can't
> come up with more features ;-)

Yes, I knew it! But once I had the idea I couldn't resist to write it up. :)


> | Well, that's all. I will contact you again if something else comes into
> | my mind. ;-)
> Please do.
> Kind Regards
> Jesper.

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