[KimDaBa] New snapshot - getting close to a 1.2 release

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at blackie.dk
Mon Apr 26 08:57:34 BST 2004

| 2.) Import is only working when I import into the directory with an
| existing thumbnails directory. I tried to import into a new subdirectory:
| Kimdaba didn't create the thumbnails directory.
Is that a problem? KimDaBa will create the thumbnail directory itself later on

| 3.) When importing a file with categories that are not in the database,
| kimdaba should ask if it should create the new category. For example in
| that index.xml file I had no category "keywords", but I had it in the
| imported file. Kimdaba just didn't ask for creating the new category...
| I think it could just look about the same like when Kimdaba gets new
| elements for a known category.
I though about that for a long time, and found that it would be utterly hard 
to implement, and likely seldomly used - when you get some images from some 
friend amd they have special categories, you are not very likely to add those 
categories to your database anyway, are you.

So thats a feature not a bug ;-)


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