[KimDaBa] New snapshot - getting close to a 1.2 release

Reimar Imhof Reimar.Imhof at netCologne.de
Fri Apr 23 21:53:58 BST 2004

> The major changes since 1.1 are:
> * import/export which allows you to send part of your database to friends.
> * Its now possible to find images where only a set of items are on
>   (e.g. only me, and no one else)

Hi Jesper,

I just tried the html export combinated with creating an xxx.kim file.

When I got your idea right this file helps kimdaba users to import the meta 
infos of an kimdaba html web page to their kimdaba database.

Here is what I've done: I selected some pictures with an angle of 0.0, and 
some with an angle of 90.0.
In the html output all pictures looked what I expected them to.
In the generated xxx.kim file the pictures still got the 0.0 and 90.0 angles 
So what happens is this: When I imported the xxx.kim file to a test kimdaba 
setup, the pictures with an 0.0 angle where ok. The other ones where turned 
an other 90.0 angle...

I hope you understand what I mean.
I think the solution is quit simple: Just set every angle in the html xxx.kim 
file to 0.0.

When I tried the "standard" export feature (independent of html generation) 
with included pictures its working because the pictures where exported with 
the same orientation they had in the original database. So it's okay to write 
the angle info into the xxx.kim export file.

Some other problems I ran into:
1.) After an import the index.xml file should be marked modified (well, the 
undo button should become active, so that kimdaba will ask for saving).

2.) Import is only working when I import into the directory with an existing 
thumbnails directory. I tried to import into a new subdirectory: Kimdaba 
didn't create the thumbnails directory.

3.) When importing a file with categories that are not in the database, 
kimdaba should ask if it should create the new category. For example in that 
index.xml file I had no category "keywords", but I had it in the imported 
file. Kimdaba just didn't ask for creating the new category...
I think it could just look about the same like when Kimdaba gets new elements 
for a known category.

I hope my comments help a little!


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