[KimDaBa] HTML generation bug.

Johan Viklund johan.viklund.0705 at student.uu.se
Mon Apr 19 08:44:36 BST 2004

Hi all.

When I do a HTML export and only want some of the groups (ie. only persons and 
locations NOT keywords) no metadata gets displayed on the images.

I've solved this by generating html with all tags and then running a 
perlscript to remove all unwanted tags.

I have lots of custom tags in my KimDaBa database (objects, cd, foodstuff 
etc.) I don't know if this affects anything.

(I haven't tested this with the latest version of KimDaBa, it was present 
2004-04-16 CVS version, and I haven't seen a fix on the Changelog)

/Johan Viklund aka kv4kke

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