[KimDaBa] Features and feature requests

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at kde.org
Tue Dec 30 05:58:37 GMT 2003

Jody Harris <havoc at harrisdev.com> writes:

| Jesper,
| Do you have a publicly available list of feature requests?  It would be
| nice to be able to look at a list of feature requests to see what's already
| been requested along with some kind of categorization like "next release,"
| "in the pipeline," "considering," "not likely," "won't happen."
I've added a link on the homepage to my TODO file.
That file contains a list of randomly ordered ideas, you can see it at

I've also added a link to the ChangeLog file, so you can follow what I'm
working on right now.

| Now, for my request, which has probably been made before, I'd like to be
| able to select a set of images and have a tar or tar.gz (or bzip2, or zip
| or other) volume created and dropped into my root folder.
| Another option would be to just create a file of the filenames of the
| images (with paths) I'm interested in, then I could run that through a
| shell command or script to do anything I wanted (more power, more knowledge
| required).
| Third possibility to archive the same thing would be to offer the user a
| command prompt to stream the file list to ... it's a thought.
Thanks for your suggestion.

and to all of you holding your breath for a new release just after
Unfortunately I've got tons of work over xmas due to a deadline we missed,
so I haven't had time to work on KimDaBa. In addition I now is in bed with
a flu :-(

When I get out of bed, I'll try to make sure that KimDaBa works on KDE 3.1,
and make a snapshot release.


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