[KimDaBa] Minor bugs and (Christmas) wishes

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at klaralvdalens-datakonsult.se
Sun Dec 14 17:21:46 GMT 2003

Franz Graf <franz.graf at gmx.net> writes:

| On 13 Dec 2003 19:01:55 +0100,  blackie at kde.org (Jesper K. Pedersen) wrote:
| > Personally I hope to get many many hours for working on KimDaBa during
| > Christmas, so stay tuned for a 1.1 release soon after new years eve.
| Hello Jesper,
| I've entered some 2500 pictures in kimdaba 1.0.1 and definitely enjoy it. Some 
| minor bugs though (for your Chrismas holidays ;-)
| - If several pictures are selected, clear form does not properly clear the 
| date. For one picture it works. Question: How to clear the date of several 
| selected pictures?
This is unfortunately not possible. I'm still searching for an elegant
solution to it.
If we are talking about many pictures, I suggest that you set the date to
something odd like year 5555, and uses your favorite editor to fix the XML

| - After certain operations, e.g. add option group or delete a picture, the 
| screen is updated, but thumbnails are no more in the regular grid.
I'm afraid this is a bug in QIconView, and thus out of my reach. I've
noticed it several times, but as I likely can't do anything about it, I've
just learned to live with it ;-)

| - Image configuration - options - save current window setup: the setup is lost 
| when quitting kimdaba.
sure? I just tried it, and it works fine for me.

| To the wishes:
| 1. I really would like to do something with pictures found with image search. 
| E.g., I want to send them by email, but before I have to reduce them in size. 
| Therefore, most helpful would be (with decreasing importance):
| - copy to directory
| - move to directory (incl. thumbnails and updating the database)
| - create ascii list of path/filenames (this would allow making batch
hmm hmm I hear you, and I've seen several request similar to this, maybe I
should try to create some plugin structure that allows third party
developers to add such features.
For now, export to HTML will get you a long way.

| 2. Once a while I have identically looking pictures but a) in different path 
| or b) with different pixel dimensions. It would be nice if the tooltips 
| (Ctrl-T) could optionally show: path, filename, file size (kB), width and 
| height in pixels. 
| If I cannot get information about at least the filename, the label cannot be 
| used for other information.
Added to my TODO list.

| Looking forward to 1.1.
| Best regards and merry christmas,
Thanks and a merry xmas to you too.


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