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  In T10812#182282 <https://phabricator.kde.org/T10812#182282>, @vkrause wrote:
  > Here's just three examples for a single niche framework (syntax highlighting) from the top of my head:
  > - https://cullmann.io/posts/qt-creator-4-9-uses-ksyntaxhighlighting/ (QtCreator)
  > - https://kate-editor.org/2018/10/21/mit-licensed-ksyntaxhighlighting-usage/ (AbsInt)
  > - https://github.com/KDAB/GammaRay/blob/master/CMakeLists.txt#L540 (GammaRay)
  Someone not familiar with these companies might see that as a success. Those who are familiar know that both KDAB, as well as Qt are two-decade long supporters of KDE. As for the third contributor, I doubt it would know/use KDE software if you wouldn't work for them.
  But KSyntaxHighlighting is a bit special. All other syntax highlighting engines I know are for the web (written in scripting languages), so our offering indeed fills a niche.


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