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Christoph Feck noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Wed May 8 19:24:41 BST 2019

cfeck added a comment.

  > This is a very radical proposal :)
  Yes :) Either we don't change what we did the last 5 years, or we take a step back, and look at the big picture. What did we want to archive, and did we succeed? Where are resources well spent, both on our side, as well as on application maintainers side, and distributions side? I believe our faster release cycles (down from 6 to 4 months), as well as the three separate released products have actually increased our workload and that of distributions.
  > moving back applications to desktop release is not a good idea
  I could also state that having basic applications released separately from "KDE" is not a good idea. How do you explain to users why an application manager is part of the "desktop", but a file and archive manager is not? Is a user manager a separate application or part of the "desktop"? What about a partition manager? All those applications are part of a Windows release, because they are considered (visible) part of an operating system. After all, people see "KDE" as their GUI for Linux.
  > wait for a whole year for the bugfix we just made there gets released
  Sorry, I wasn't clear. I was talking about feature releases, what we currently do three times a year. They would be sufficient every 6, 8, or 12 months. We would still do monthly updates for bug fixes and translation additions.
  > This adds 3 more "release groups".
  KDE Edutainmaint and KDE Extras would get released together, maybe every 8 or 12 months, with monthly updates. Plasma, together with Frameworks and base applications every 4 months, with Fibonacci weeks updates. For the projects that have maintainers, they decide how fast to make feature releases, but the stable branches could be released monthly automatically (even if it is just for translation updates).
  > our release team small enough
  Exactly. That's why I was proposing to release all of KF5+Plasma+base apps together. Then we have more release people available. I've seen David doing KF5 releases alone the last 5 years. You did the same with Apps before I've spotted you near burning out. Give David a break and let us join forces.


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