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  As an intermediate step, if we put the Frameworks on the Plasma schedule, we wouldn't necessarily need to blobify them into one big framework again; they could continue to be separate, but just use the Plasma release schedule.
  From a code perspective, this would eliminate a whole class of issues we currently face where a feature or bugfix requires changes to both a Framework and Plasma. Right now these kinds of changes must be carefully planned and often require ifdefs or delaying the commit. It also makes life difficult for LTS distros because they don't get bugfixes to the Frameworks version they shipped with unless they have someone who basically browses the code full-time and cherry-picks fixes. Whereas with Plasma, they can just grab the source tarball of the bugfix releases and ship updates. If Frameworks moved to the Plasma release schedule, those distros could do that with Frameworks too, making it easier to ensure a higher level of quality for their users.


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