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  From T10755 <https://phabricator.kde.org/T10755>, it was revealed that there's dissatisfaction with how the KDE Applications bundle is handled. Here are some of the problems I've heard raised:
  - Not all KDE apps are in the bundle, so it's not really "KDE Applications"; it's more like "Some KDE Applications". But which ones? Why?
  - Apps that are in the bundle have inconsistent versioning; most use the bundle's own versioning scheme, but others use their own
  - Some of the content in the bundle are actually libraries, not apps (e.g. `baloo-widgets`, `kio-extras`)
  - The bundle's `YY.MM` version numbering scheme happens to be the same as Ubuntu's versioning scheme, which causes users to confuse one with another (for example a user with Kubuntu 18.04 is actually using KDE Applications 17.12, not 18.04)
  - There are no LTS app versions the way there are with Plasma; distros that ship Plasma LTS get stuck with old apps versions that have bugs which have been fixed in later releases
  Nevertheless, the bundle has some advantages:
  - Guaranteed promo events surrounding each of the three yearly major releases, including a polished release announcement and often a video too
  - Automatic packaging and releasing by the KDE Release Team
  - Known predictable release schedule: three major releases of bundled apps per year with three minor releases per major release, all planned and scheduled in advance
  - Translation teams and app developers can plan big work in advance due to defined dependency, code, and string freeze periods
  Moving all KDE apps into the bundle doesn't seem feasible. In particular, some of our bigger apps like Krita and Digikam prefer to handle releasing and promo themselves and generate enough buzz by themselves. So any apps bundle will always be a subset of all KDE apps.
  Let's brainstorm ways to resolve the problems while retaining the advantages.


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