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aacid added a comment.

  > Apps that are in the bundle have inconsistent versioning; most use the bundle's own versioning scheme, but others use their own
  I personally disagree this is a problem. It let's applications hop on and off the release and keep their versioning number intact.
  > The bundle's YY.MM version numbering scheme happens to be the same as Ubuntu's versioning scheme, which causes users to confuse one with another (for example a user with Kubuntu 18.04 is actually using KDE Applications 17.12, not 18.04)
  I personally disagree this is a problem. Ubuntu didn't invent the YY.MM versioning scheme, on top of that our scheme only overlaps with Ubuntu's 1/3 of the times. Maybe Kubuntu can just put some extra work and make sure that for the .04 release they ship our .04 release if they feel that it confuses their users. Or maybe they could change their versioning scheme.
  > There are no LTS app versions the way there are with Plasma; distros that ship Plasma LTS get stuck with old apps versions that have bugs which have been fixed in later releases
  I personally disagree this is a problem. If distributions want bug fixes they can either
  - update to a new release
  - do the work of doing an LTS branch themselves.
  - give us money so we can hire someone to the work for them
  IMNSHO the only real problem is the name is not good (your bullet points 1 and 3), we've known that for a long time, no one has been able to find a name that is better, I'll be happy if someone can find one :)


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