[Konsole-devel] Query about installing the latest Konsole on my RHEL system

Mun Johl Mun.Johl at Emulex.Com
Mon Jun 8 22:34:27 UTC 2009

Hi Robert, Matthew,

Thanks for your replies.

My experiences (although limited) with RHEL5 have mirrored what Matthew
mentioned regarding old bits.  In a past effort to install a certain
program, as I started updating libs I dug myself such a big whole that I
had to re-install to get things cleaned up.  It turned out the program I
was trying to get running was in fact operational--but other system
utilities broke after my updates.  I've used unix for many years--and
this was my first such experience.  Sigh.

I was hoping that maybe just updating konsole wouldn't be quite so
involved; but alas, I think I had better wait until RH supports a newer
version of KDE.

Thanks for the feedback!


On Mon, Jun 08, 2009 at 03:08 PM PDT, Matthew Woehlke wrote:
MW> Mun Johl wrote:
MW> > My RHEL5 system is currently running with the following revisions:
MW> >
MW> > Qt: 3.3.6
MW> > KDE: 3.5.4-18.el5 Red Hat
MW> > Konsole: 1.6.4
MW> >
MW> > I'd like to download and compile the latest revision of konsole but
MW> > wasn't quite sure how to proceed.  For example, is it best to install
MW> > the latest revision of kdebase?  Or can I install only konsole?
MW> You need kdelibs, you need kdepimlibs, you need kdebase-runtime, and you
MW> need parts of kdesupport (oxygen-icons at the least, but you'll need
MW> anything in kdesupport that isn't in RH5). Oh, and qt4 of course. Your
MW> best bet may be to proceed as if building a purely user-local version;
MW> there are instructions for that on techbase.
MW> Some time ago (1-2 years) I tried to build KDE pre-4.0 on RH4; it was a
MW> total disaster because RH was missing or had ancient versions of things
MW> like dbus and hal. (I eventually gave up and moved to Fedora.) RH5 may
MW> be better, but you might still run into too-old bits of some core system
MW> libraries/services, especially if you want to build trunk.
MW> Better would be if you can find someone that has already made rpm's of
MW> KDE4 for RH5.
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