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Arno Töll lists at toell.net
Sat Jan 3 17:59:56 UTC 2009

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Hi there,

I've finished parts of the promised DBus interface. There may be some
more work to do, depending whether you accept the patch as it is or not.
The patch is against the KDE 4.1 branch anyway (konsole version 2.1),
not HEAD since I didn't manage to get it to work.

I don't see this patch as a final submit, but more as a request for
comments. Some notes: Both XML files available in the current
distribution are revoked and going to be replaced by my own IDL
(autogenerated by qdbus2xml - see CMakeLists.txt for a how to).

I refactored some already existing methods within the class Session to
public slots, to be usable through DBus. The majority of the other
methods are just wrappers and work arounds to do existing work within
the classes where I placed one or both interfaces.
I'm quite unhappy with the  setTitle(int role , const QString& title)
method in Session.h/cpp but there is no smart way to export enum
datatypes through DBus and even marshalling would require to port the
data type to a byte stream and therefore do assumptions on the value I

Please send me feedback asap, when you have doubts or concerns with this
patch. Note: this patch also fixes bug 169024.

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