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Robert Knight robertknight at gmail.com
Wed Jan 7 09:44:08 UTC 2009

Hi Arno,

Thanks for the patch.  There is quite a lot to look through - I'll try
to review it soon.  Please drop me another email if I haven't got back
to you in the next couple of weeks.


2009/1/3 Arno Töll <lists at toell.net>:
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> Hi there,
> I've finished parts of the promised DBus interface. There may be some
> more work to do, depending whether you accept the patch as it is or not.
> The patch is against the KDE 4.1 branch anyway (konsole version 2.1),
> not HEAD since I didn't manage to get it to work.
> I don't see this patch as a final submit, but more as a request for
> comments. Some notes: Both XML files available in the current
> distribution are revoked and going to be replaced by my own IDL
> (autogenerated by qdbus2xml - see CMakeLists.txt for a how to).
> I refactored some already existing methods within the class Session to
> public slots, to be usable through DBus. The majority of the other
> methods are just wrappers and work arounds to do existing work within
> the classes where I placed one or both interfaces.
> I'm quite unhappy with the  setTitle(int role , const QString& title)
> method in Session.h/cpp but there is no smart way to export enum
> datatypes through DBus and even marshalling would require to port the
> data type to a byte stream and therefore do assumptions on the value I
> think.
> Please send me feedback asap, when you have doubts or concerns with this
> patch. Note: this patch also fixes bug 169024.
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