[Konsole-devel] [Bug 166565] midnight commander is missing from menu tree

Felix Miata mrmazda at ij.net
Mon Jul 14 21:21:03 UTC 2008

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------- Additional Comments From mrmazda ij net  2008-07-14 23:21 -------
What's all this manage profiles garbage? Why does "a" user need a profile? I don't want new/improved versions taking away functionality that KDE3 included by default, and I doubt anyone else does either. (see ancient unfixed bug 152761) Each new install gives me a set of defaults. The old KDE3 defaults were good, Now you're trying to tell me each time I have to do extra configuration, instead of everything just working nicely like KDE3 does? That KDE4 thinking/policy stinks.

KDE4 is molasses slow everyplace I've seen it so far, apparently on the assumption of hardware not 3 or more years old. I might as well be using <choke>Gnome</choke> if I want less functionality by default along with less speed by default. I could even be using windoz if I wanted less. Give me back my KDE3. No wonder so many people are complaining about KDE4 on the mailing lists. :-(

I prefer root subsessions for performing root tasks instead of constantly being prompted for root passwords. The KDE3 creators understood that, and were smart enough to give people useful tools. No one forced people to use them.

KDE4 is replacing usefulness with cheesy glitz. I don't want any transparency, I want to see whatever's there in clear, legible constrast. No gloom 'n doom black/gray theming. No silly scolling menus. KDE4 is major disappointment. The future looks grim getting an immediate wontfix on something like this.

The other day I was thinking it was finally time to install virtual box and run OS/2 under KDE instead of the original live. Now I think I'll just have to forget that idea, as KDE4 is obviously not intended for KDE3 users. I'll just keep on keeping on with the oldest living & still best desktop if 2nd best is going to keep on a track to less good than before instead of striving to reach the #1 spot that used to seem within reach.

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