[Konsole-devel] [Bug 166565] midnight commander is missing from menu tree

Robert Knight robertknight at gmail.com
Mon Jul 14 22:26:46 UTC 2008

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> The future looks grim getting an immediate wontfix on something like this.

I am one developer out of around 200 who is currently involved with KDE.  Please do not generalize a response to one bug report by one developer to the whole project. 

To clarify why this is marked as "WONTFIX" (which I admit, sounds harsh), reading back through the many KDE 3 bug reports and the survey I conducted last year it is clear that:

- Everyone wants to see something slightly different in the default list of sessions because they all do different work with the terminal or have different preferences.  So instead of providing a list of sessions I focused on making it much easier to create and manage custom session types.
- There are many bug reports going back over the years and responses in the survey suggesting that users (especially new ones) found it hard to set up Konsole and save/restore that setup.  There were also a number of problems where features were duplicated in different places and behaved differently depending on how they were invoked.  I tried to streamline the UI to minimize duplication and make it easier for new users to find things.  There are actually very few options which have been removed entirely deliberately and a raft of new options and features which have been added.  If you're looking for new features that are not just 'glitz' I would point you to split view, dynamic tab/window titles, incremental search, tab drag-and-drop, key bindings and colour scheme editor, improved performance, shared settings between embedded terminal and Konsole application improved terminal emulation (esp. mouse support), more flexible duplication of input to other sessions and others.

Finally, I would of course mention that since we're not paid by individuals to work on KDE, threats to use an alternative carry limited gravitas.  In fact, in the case of the terminal I encourage people to try alternatives and feed back to me, especially new and inventive ones (eg. HotWire).

> KDE4 is molasses slow everyplace I've seen it so far,
> apparently on the assumption of hardware not 3 or more years old.

KDE 4 applications are generally smooth and snappy on my 5 year old laptop with ancient Radeon M6 graphics and 512MB RAM.  I spent some time making sure that Konsole is faster than the KDE 3 version.  There is a serious known problem with NVidia which is affecting many users and also some issues with Plasma, Konsole and a few other applications which support transparency under some versions of the ATI open source drivers when compositing is enabled.  As far as I know this is a driver and/or X.org problem which is being addressed.  

There is a work in progress wiki page which addresses common KDE 4 performance problems:


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