[Konsole-devel] [Bug 160162] New window/tab should ask for profile if there are more than 1

Robert Knight robertknight at gmail.com
Thu Apr 10 09:05:22 UTC 2008

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> 3. The 'change default' feature changes some of the above actions so
> maybe the ability to change default could be removed from the GUI. 

As I said before, I have a need for this feature and other people who often use a different shell or environment will likely also have this need.  

> I think the metaphors are borrowed from konqueror,

Bookmarks consist only of a location, which may be a local folder or an SSH login and basic metadata such as a name and comments.  This is consistent throughout KDE and the same editor is provided to edit bookmarks, import and export bookmarks in all applications.  The same icons and menu items are used for them everywhere.  As far as I can see, the function is the same in Konqueror and Konsole.  In Konqueror a bookmark takes you to a directory or web page.  In Konsole it takes you to a directory or computer.  Bookmarks don't manage any other settings.  

I agree that there are alternatives for bookmarks for quickly changing to a directory or connecting to a computer.  This was a feature left over from KDE 3 which doesn't add a lot of complexity to the code or noise to the UI so I left it in.  Ultimately I view the "Bookmarks" feature as a hack around the poor directory navigation features which bash provides.  It would be better to fix the problem at the shell level.

Profiles are a concept specific to Konsole.  They are a complete set of settings which define a working environment.  This includes the shell to run, environment, initial directory, color scheme, terminal settings and key bindings for input.  

> The aim of KDE4 (again correct me if I am wrong) is to simplify
> applications whilst still retaining power. 

That is a goal of mine and I think Konsole 2.0 achieves this for the most part.  KDE 4 itself as a big umbrella project lacks a well-defined global vision unfortunately.

> I feel that because konsole is seen as a power app, it is somehow
> exempt from this, but even power users want simple to use but powerful apps.

They also want flexibility.  Walking around the workstations and laptops at KDE's conferences I can see a fair variety in the way people have their terminals set up, the applications they use with them and so on.  I am sure that I would get unhappy users if I stripped them of basic choices.  

> cause complications for both the user and the developer
> (because of extra possible bugs or misunderstandings). 

In this case, the presence of a changeable default adds very little complexity to the code.  You can verify that for yourself if you wish.

As for user confusion, there are a number of usability bugs in Konsole 2.0 which have been reported, this has not been one of them.  The most common problem naturally is the change from KDE 3 to 4 where users expect things to work the same way as they did in the past.  That is to be expected.

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