[Konsole-devel] [Bug 160162] New window/tab should ask for profile if there are more than 1

Mike mike at blueroot.co.uk
Thu Apr 10 14:40:12 UTC 2008

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> Bookmarks consist only of a location, which may be a local folder or an SSH login and basic metadata such as a name and comments.

I did not know that a bookmark allowed you to bookmark a SSH login, there is no way to know unless you RTFM.  Will it also save the directory on the remote server?, or any environmental variables that I have set?  Will it also save a chroot on this machine or a local one?

These might sound like unreasonable requests but some of them are possible by using profiles.

If profiles were beefed up slightly in some areas, trimmed down in others and then renamed bookmarks then it would reduce a lot of complexity (from a user point of view), whilst still keeping all of the power.

I suppose your main objection to this would be this

> In Konqueror a bookmark takes you to a directory or web page.  In Konsole it takes you to a directory or computer.  Bookmarks don't manage any other settings.

In which case you are restricting the use of bookmarks just because of a browser, other apps could require extra data in a bookmark, amarok for example could bookmark a song at a specific point, I am sure other apps could add their own data to a bookmark which is not needed for konqueror (ie current tool in Krita, visible toolbars etc).

You may not think it adds complexity but it makes the user think about what they are doing and how konsole works in the background.  Consider this case..

I have 2 bookmarks, on shh://server and one /mydir on my local machine.  I click the bookmark for /mydir, do something, then I click the bookmark for the server and then remember I forgot to do something in /mydir so I click its bookmark.  /mydir does not exist on the remote machine and therefore just produces an error.  Then I have to stop and think and press Ctrl+D and then select the bookmark.

> I agree that there are alternatives for bookmarks for quickly changing to a directory or connecting to a computer.  This was a feature left over from KDE 3 which doesn't add a lot of complexity to the code or noise to the UI so I left it in.  Ultimately I view the "Bookmarks" feature as a hack around the poor directory navigation features which bash provides.  It would be better to fix the problem at the shell level.

I suspect the reason that it does not add a lot of complexity is because it is almost useless (and because there are better solutions to the problem).

If you are concerned about navigating directories then it would be really nice to have a dolphin-like navigation bar which could be used to change directories.  Not sure how this would work though.

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