[Konsole-devel] [Bug 160162] New window/tab should ask for profile if there are more than 1

Mike mike at blueroot.co.uk
Tue Apr 1 13:11:31 UTC 2008

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OK - To try to simplify things, here are my main problems (from a usability/consistency POV), and possible solutions.

1. 'Shell' is the same as new tab (unless you have changed the default).  Solution - Remove the default from the extra list, this means that only new window and new tab will show on a new install.
2. When you open the edit profiles dialog the shortcut for 'Shell' is not set.  Does this mean I can have 2 shortcuts for the same thing (with one being variable depending on my default profile)?  The solution is to set the Shortcut next to the 'Shell' as Ctrl+Shift+n, the problem is when you change the default this will change too and possibly overwrite the new profile's shortcut.  This problem leads me to...
3. The 'change default' feature changes some of the above actions so maybe the ability to change default could be removed from the GUI.  You will still have default as 'Shell' but the user will not normally be able to change it.  You will then be able to populate the edit profiles shortcut and it will not be possible to have 2 shortcuts for the same thing.  I do not think sub menus are nice, it is good the way it is.
4. Could we have a look at bookmarks and profiles?  I think the metaphors are borrowed from konqueror, but they are different in their action (correct me if I am wrong).  In konqueror the profile completely changes the app and the way it behaves, bookmarks take you to a specific url.  In konsole, profiles give you a shell with a certain background color and maybe executes a different shell or sets some variables, bookmarks are just a way of cd'ing to a directory.  To me a profile should actually be a bookmark, there is little use in having a quick cd command, power users can create symlinks if they are hard-of-typing.  Another anology, on my browser I have a bookmark on my sites administration, in konsole I have a very similar thing, but for some reason in that app it is called a profile (ie. log into same server via ssh).
5. This is getting slightly off-topic, but the profiles reorder themselves (in the file menu) every time you change something.

The aim of KDE4 (again correct me if I am wrong) is to simplify applications whilst still retaining power.  I feel that because konsole is seen as a power app, it is somehow exempt from this, but even power users want simple to use but powerful apps.  I feel that some options and features are extraneous and cause complications for both the user and the developer (because of extra possible bugs or misunderstandings).

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