Contribute localization to Trunk or Stable? Linux mobile plans?

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Sun Sep 22 01:52:45 BST 2019

FYI, there already is a mobile version of GnuCash. It is actually quite
good. It dies not sync into the GnuCash desktop app automatically. But
export and import, to desktop, capabilities are there.

Some feedback: to compete with GnuCash, KMM needs to include reports based
on accounting practices. I know KMM targets home users that don't know the
difference between a credit or debit to an account, but experienced users
do and know it is best to have reports that way. GnuCash falters in that it
does not allow for tags or classes. Categories are just accounts in
GnuCash. KMM, from what I understand backs up categories with accounts, to
follow double entry accounting standards. So we are half way there. We just
need the reports to show correctly.

Then once we have that working, I think a large number of users will flock
over to we need to make the ledger tab-able. People like having
multiple tabs. And we like being able to enter transactions in the expense
accounts. It should be allowed. No reason not to.

GnuCash is currently fighting the battle on whether it should include
categories/classes,or not. Try may just implement tags. KMM should allow
trans entry in expense and income accounts, GAAP reporting style, fix the
show balance graph. For liabilities it shows upside down.

If we do that the mobile version will be great!



On Thu, Sep 19, 2019, 11:28 Thomas Baumgart <thb at> wrote:

> Scott,
> On Donnerstag, 19. September 2019 17:34:14 CEST Scott Anecito wrote:
> > Hey All,
> >
> > I saw Thomas's email on i18n-doc and while the one new line isn't
> relevant to Japanese as it's 0% localized, figured I'd start working on the
> Japanese localization. It's not clear to me however if I should
> checkout/checkin to Trunk or Stable for KMyMoney. What source should I be
> using?
> The stable 5.0 branch might be the way to go. It may later serve well as a
> basis for the stuff on master. Please see
> if you haven't already.
> > I've been meaning to ask this for a while, but since I'm mailing the
> list figured I'd ask now. What are the plans to have something that works
> on Plasma Mobile (or PureOS mobile)? KDE's app ecosystem is in the unique
> position compared to GNOME's official ecosystem in that there's a budgeting
> app. With the mobile Linux app ecosystem emerging shortly with the librem5
> and PinePhone launches, there's an opportunity for KDE and KMyMoney to
> stand out from other offerings like GNUCash in having both a PC and mobile
> client thus attracting more users and contributors.
> KMyMoney is pretty much based on widgets. Not sure how that fits into
> Plasma Mobile. There was once an approach to build an Android version but I
> don't know what happened to it.
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