Something "Went Wrong"---how to get out?

Dave B dave.bramwell at
Wed Jul 24 21:20:23 BST 2019

Good evening!
I've been using KMM for several years & in general am very satisfied. 
However... last year I tried to do a number of things "quickly" & now 
appeaar to be somewhat "Stuck"!

1) I seem to have lost my files for 2017.  I can find them in a version 
of KMM for Ubuntu, but don't seem to have the files for Fedora.  Is 
there a way to combine the Ubuntu file with the 2018 one & overwrite the 
blank 2017?????

2) It seems (to me!!) that when I oprn a file & cclose it again, the 
next time I open KMM it tries always to open the wrong file.  Amy way to 
be able to specify which file I want to open????

As ever, glad of any help anyone can offer,


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