Something "Went Wrong"---how to get out?

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On Mittwoch, 24. Juli 2019 22:20:23 CEST Dave B wrote:

> Good evening!
> I've been using KMM for several years & in general am very satisfied. 
> However... last year I tried to do a number of things "quickly" & now 
> appeaar to be somewhat "Stuck"!
> 1) I seem to have lost my files for 2017.  I can find them in a version 
> of KMM for Ubuntu, but don't seem to have the files for Fedora.  Is 
> there a way to combine the Ubuntu file with the 2018 one & overwrite the 
> blank 2017?????

First of all, the data format is identical and you should in general be able to open the file written on Ubuntu under Fedora and vice versa. The details depend on the KMyMoney versions you use on both installations.

There is no direct merge of two KMyMoney files available. Your best choice would be to export to another format (e.g. QIF) and re-import. I have never done that before and cannot provide any experience report, so your mileage may vary. In case you based your latter file on the former one you could merge the transactions of the two files using a text editor (these files are just compressed XML files). If you have not, this certainly gives a lot of problems.

> 2) It seems (to me!!) that when I oprn a file & cclose it again, the 
> next time I open KMM it tries always to open the wrong file.  Amy way to 
> be able to specify which file I want to open????

KMyMoney has an option to start with the last file opened. If that is active, it opens exactly the last file which was open when KMyMoney was quit (a crash does not count). You can specify the file you want to open on the command line. See

  kmymoney --help

for details.

> As ever, glad of any help anyone can offer,

Hope that helps.



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