missing icons in 5.0?

Jack Ostroff ostroffjh at aya.yale.edu
Fri Jan 26 21:31:43 UTC 2018

I'm slowly working my way through updating all the screenshots in the  
manual, but many of the images are actually just icons used by the  
program, so it's easier for me to just use the same icon file instead  
of trying to capture an image from the screen.  However, there seem to  
be a few which are not showing up for me.

- tags icon in the view selector  (named mail-tagged.png in 4.8) - used  
for the Outbox item (last or next last item in views selection)
- many icons on the tool bar, including New, Open..., Save, Print.

I know not all of those are needed for the manual, but I'm curious why  
they are not displayed by the program - is it a compile problem, are  
they missing from source, or are they missing somewhere else on my  
system?  They do show up when I run 4.8.1.

I also see "New ledger" as the last item in the views selection - am I  
correct that this will disappear when the new ledger code is completed  
and replaces the old ledger code?


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