KMM4: KDChart 2.6 commit broke build?

MK mailing.m1 at
Fri Jan 26 21:04:37 UTC 2018


Compilation of KMM 4.1 fails with:

error: conversion from ‘QMap<double, QString>::iterator’ to non-scalar
type ‘QMap<double, QString>::ConstIterator {aka QMap<double,
QString>::const_iterator}’ requested
 _dataHeaderLabels.lowerBound( slightlyLessThan( m_position ) );
and line 306:

QMap< qreal, QString >::ConstIterator it = m_annotations.upperBound(
m_position );


These lines changed in commit cb841612e11349aca26b6c4af4ff7dced9a95357
which updated KDChart to 2.6

Does KMM4 still compile for you?


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