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Jack ostroffjh at users.sourceforge.net
Fri Jan 12 00:30:05 UTC 2018

On 2018.01.11 12:54, Thomas Baumgart wrote:
> Hi all,
> tomorrow is string freeze and we need to update  
> KWelcomePage::featuresList()
> with the changes since the last 4.8 release. Do we have an idea what  
> to
> present there? Currently it shows the 4.8 stuff:
Good to update (comments below) but if this is the splash page when you  
start the app (?) I think it is not critical, because is not something  
a user would see when deciding whether or not to upgrade.

> Added support for online SEPA transactions
> A plugin to import data using Weboob was added
> Improved payee matching when importing transactions
> When an account cannot be closed, a tooltip explains the reason
> Transaction tags were added
> Proper input methods support was added
> Improved the transaction form
> Added a frozen column to improve visualizing forecast details
> Improved multiple records management actions (payees, transactions)
> Better performance of the user interface
> Homepage can show accounts online banking status
> Improved the icon theme
> CSV importer was improved
> CSV exporter added
> OFX plugin now allows custom application version
> which certainly is not wrong but probably not really up-to-date.
> The things I can think of (taken from the ChangeLog):
> Port to KDE frameworks and Qt5
This is by far the single most important item, and might be put  
separately, above everything else, in larger type.

> Improved CSV importer
Might group with other importer changes.

> Get rid of Yahoo as price source
This is good to emphasize.

> WebConnect support for CSV files
> Updated list of file versions used by other financial applications
> Improved compatibility with dark color schemes
This could be grouped with other UI and DE related issues?

> Support of OFX client uid
> Fast switching of main views via Ctrl + number key
Group with general improvements in UI and performance?

> Improved keyboard navigation
> Zoom into chart views by mouse dragging
> Updated version of KDiagram
> View columns are user selectable
> Use QWebEngine in favor of KHTML when available
Group with things of more interest to developers and packagers, but  
probably not end users?

> Support price download by ISIN
group with the Yahoo issue - general group on price updates?

> Support to use user defined name as opening balance account
> We should have this list done and agreed upon very soon. Thoughts,  
> comments?
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