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Thomas Baumgart thb at net-bembel.de
Thu Jan 11 17:54:37 UTC 2018

Hi all,

tomorrow is string freeze and we need to update KWelcomePage::featuresList() 
with the changes since the last 4.8 release. Do we have an idea what to 
present there? Currently it shows the 4.8 stuff:

Added support for online SEPA transactions
A plugin to import data using Weboob was added
Improved payee matching when importing transactions
When an account cannot be closed, a tooltip explains the reason
Transaction tags were added
Proper input methods support was added
Improved the transaction form
Added a frozen column to improve visualizing forecast details
Improved multiple records management actions (payees, transactions)
Better performance of the user interface
Homepage can show accounts online banking status
Improved the icon theme
CSV importer was improved
CSV exporter added
OFX plugin now allows custom application version

which certainly is not wrong but probably not really up-to-date.

The things I can think of (taken from the ChangeLog):

Port to KDE frameworks and Qt5
Improved CSV importer
Get rid of Yahoo as price source
WebConnect support for CSV files
Updated list of file versions used by other financial applications
Improved compatibility with dark color schemes
Support of OFX client uid
Fast switching of main views via Ctrl + number key
Improved keyboard navigation
Zoom into chart views by mouse dragging
Updated version of KDiagram
View columns are user selectable
Use QWebEngine in favor of KHTML when available
Support price download by ISIN
Support to use user defined name as opening balance account

We should have this list done and agreed upon very soon. Thoughts, comments?



Thomas Baumgart

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