problem with investment accounts in git master

Łukasz Wojniłowicz lukasz.wojnilowicz at
Mon Jan 1 12:31:25 UTC 2018


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Dnia poniedziałek, 1 stycznia 2018 02:19:07 CET Jack pisze:
> I was trying to create a test kmy file to demonstrate some problems I
> am having, even after Thomas fixed the issue of creating incorrect
> payees when importing investment OFX statements, and discovered two
> additional issues, not actually related.
> First, if you create a new investment account, and put an amount in the
> box for Opeining Balance, it uses that number as Add Shares (with value
> of 1), and does NOT let you set an Opening Balance for the Brokerage
> account.   Given that KMM does not allow cash in the actual investment
> account, I would say it is wrong to allow any Opening Balance for the
> investment account, since I doubt those shares will ever be what
> someone actually expects.  Related to this, I will try to come up with
> a better label for the box regarding the Brokerage Account, since I
> think it really needs to be explicit that KMM does not allow cash in an
> investment account, even though many real brokers do.
> Second, once you create the investment account, if you add a
> transaction of type "Add Shares" as soon as you enter the Security
> Name, it offers to let you create the security.  If you go through that
> wizard, it returns you to the Add shares transaction, but Enter is not
> enabled, because it does not think the security exists yet.  If you
> then go to the Investment View, (you might have to cancel or save the
> add shares transaction first) it looks like the new security is there,
> but you can't really do anything with it, and if you go back to the
> ledger, it sometimes (it's not been completely consistent for me) asks
> if you want to save or cancel (but it's not clear to me at that point
> which transaction it's talking about.)
> I have gotten as far as no transactions in the investment account, but
> the apparently identical security present three times in the Investment
> View.
> I have tried both Stock and Mutual Fund with the same result.
> Also, when returning to the ledger after creating the security, either
> the Enter nor the Cancel icon are selectable, which doesn't make sense
> to me.
> Am I doing something strange, or is there something funny going on here?
> Jack

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