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Thomas Baumgart thb at
Fri Feb 2 07:34:48 UTC 2018

On Donnerstag, 1. Februar 2018 18:01:52 CET Jack wrote:

> It will be close, but I hope to finish one complete pass through the
> manual before tomorrow night.  I am trying to concentrate on replacing
> all the screenshots, and rewriting only those chapters where things
> have changed in ways that might confuse a new user.
> Note that I suspect the screenshots will need another pass and probable
> replacement, because I am not convinced I am really getting a
> consistent set, in terms of correct theme - especially for all the
> icons.  I don't think it is important enough to delay the release, but
> should be fixed later.

OK with me.

> Also - if there is someone who is using the actual minimum version of
> the Frameworks we require - can you please test whether the manual
> compiles correctly.  I have eliminated many of the user entities from
> index.docbook, but this will not work if they were introduced to a
> later version than the minimum required.  (I think we are OK, as these
> should all have been added to kde4 versions, and thus been in the
> earliest Frameworks released, but I'd like to confirm, if possible.)

What is the actual minimum version of the Frameworks we require? I honestly don't 
know and have no clue how to find out. Also, how do I find out the manual compiles 
correctly? I opened the manual via F1 and it shows (to me correctly).

Here's the KF5 version I am using:

thb at thb-nb:~/devel/kmymoney/build (5.0)$ kf5-config --kde-version 



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