documentation status and question

Jack ostroffjh at
Thu Feb 1 23:01:52 UTC 2018

It will be close, but I hope to finish one complete pass through the  
manual before tomorrow night.  I am trying to concentrate on replacing  
all the screenshots, and rewriting only those chapters where things  
have changed in ways that might confuse a new user.

Note that I suspect the screenshots will need another pass and probable  
replacement, because I am not convinced I am really getting a  
consistent set, in terms of correct theme - especially for all the  
icons.  I don't think it is important enough to delay the release, but  
should be fixed later.

Also - if there is someone who is using the actual minimum version of  
the Frameworks we require - can you please test whether the manual  
compiles correctly.  I have eliminated many of the user entities from  
index.docbook, but this will not work if they were introduced to a  
later version than the minimum required.  (I think we are OK, as these  
should all have been added to kde4 versions, and thus been in the  
earliest Frameworks released, but I'd like to confirm, if possible.)



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