yet another doc question

Jack ostroffjh at
Thu Feb 1 23:45:40 UTC 2018

On 2018.02.01 18:40, Jack Ostroff wrote:
> When I went to take the screenshot for the institutions view, I found  
> that no columns except for the institution and account names were  
> present.  This optionality seems to be new.  I seemed obvious enough  
> to me to right click on the column header to add the other columns.   
> When I went to the Accounts view, it also started with only the name  
> column.  However, when I selected a column name to add there, I got a  
> popup asking if I wanted that column to appear in ALL views.  While  
> this makes sense, why did I not get that option when selecting  
> columns in the Institution view?  Is that intentional, or an  
> oversight?
I also note that I am asked whether I want to add or remove a column  
from all views, when either adding or removing.  In addition, if I say  
NO to the all column add question, the column is not even added to this  
view.  That does not seem right to me.

Additional question here - what are the CC and Sort Code columns for?

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