Can't build gitHEAD version on windows

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Fri May 6 15:42:05 UTC 2016

I got version 4.7.2 to build on windows using emerge and mingw.
I have trouble with version 4.7.90. It gets to linking kmymoney.exe and gets "multiple definition of payeeIdentifierLoader".  The problem seems to be that kmm_mymoney.dll already contains payeeIdentifierLoader but kmymoney.exe links both the dll and the payeeIdentifierLoader itself.  If I manually edit the\mingw4-RelWithDebInfo-gitHEAD\kmymoney\CMakeFiles\kmymoney.dir\link.txt and remove "..\bin\libkmm_payeeidentifier_loader.a", it links OK.  I cannot figure out how to fix the make files such that libkmm_payeeidentifier_loader.a is not added to the link.txt file.
This same problem occurs linking in some of the test programs (the first one being mymoneyfiletest), but I can work around that by not building the test programs.
How does libkmm_payeeidentifier_loader.a get added to the link.txt file? What do I change to get it to stop doing that?
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