Can't build gitHEAD version on windows

Christian Dávid christian-david at
Fri May 6 18:59:55 UTC 2016

Hi Jeff,

did you use a "make clean" or even better removed the build folder and rerun 
cmake? My gcc on Linux has no problems building it at all.

payeeIdentifierLoader is automatically added to kmymoney.exe because it is 
marked "LINK_PUBLIC" in target_link_libraries of kmm_mymoney. This is not good 
(I did it as a work around). If this really needs to be corrected, the library 
has to be build as part of kmm_mymoney with correct export attributes (which 
is some work, so I hope the clean will solve the issue :/)


P.S.: I assume you are using the branch master. HEAD and 4.7.90 do not include 
too much info. Especially as "HEAD" is a local ref and can stay the same 
forever if you never pull.

Am Freitag, 6. Mai 2016, 15:42:05 CEST schrieb jeffjl.kde at
> I got version 4.7.2 to build on windows using emerge and mingw.
> I have trouble with version 4.7.90. It gets to linking kmymoney.exe and gets
> "multiple definition of payeeIdentifierLoader".  The problem seems to be
> that kmm_mymoney.dll already contains payeeIdentifierLoader but
> kmymoney.exe links both the dll and the payeeIdentifierLoader itself.  If I
> manually edit the
> .txt and remove "..\bin\libkmm_payeeidentifier_loader.a", it links OK.  I
> cannot figure out how to fix the make files such that
> libkmm_payeeidentifier_loader.a is not added to the link.txt file.
> This same problem occurs linking in some of the test programs (the first one
> being mymoneyfiletest), but I can work around that by not building the test
> programs.
> How does libkmm_payeeidentifier_loader.a get added to the link.txt file?
> What do I change to get it to stop doing that?
> Thanks.
> Jeff

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