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Thu Jul 12 15:27:59 UTC 2012

So I have tried to do more research on this in the actual source code and I
am still a bit confused.

Inside khomeview.cpp I followed the code for the display of the Payments.
Down in showPaymentEntry() I see where the method takes a MyMoneySchedule
as a variable. This schedule is then used to get the transaction which is
then in turn used to get the split. All is good for me so far. :) but when
we actually display the date we go back to using the schedule variable that
was passed into the method and we call sched.adjustedNextDueDate().

I am assuming that adjustedNextDueDate() is returning the date from the
actual schedule not from the splits. This is the logic that I had used in
my port but when I bring the file back from the device to the desktop and
open it up, the desktop software still shows my schedule as being due in
the Payments section on the HomeView on the wrong date. I have looked at
the raw data in a database viewer and the schedule itself shows the correct
next date in the nextPaymentDue column.

Here is an example with dates to try and make it a little clearer:
I have a schedule set up at every two weeks and it is due on July 15, 2012
for $75.00

On my device I enter the schedule and move the nextPaymentDue column to
2012-07-22 and set the lastPaymentDate to 2012-07-15. I have also set the
postDate to 2012-07-15 on the schedules splits in kmmSplits table.

Now when I look at my updated schedules on my device it properly shows the
schedule as due next on July 22nd but when I pull the device to the desktop
it is showing up still in Payments as due on July 15th. It is in the
register on the correct date just fine, but the schedule inside the
Schedule View shows July 15th and also in the Payments section of the home

I know I am missing something here but I can't follow the logic anymore. I
can't see anywhere else in the database where the dates could be coming
from for the schedules. They are only kept in kmmSchedules and kmmSplits as
far as I can tell. Can anyone point me in the right direction here to see
what I could be doing wrong?


On Tue, Jul 10, 2012 at 5:50 PM, Eric Bonney <
mailinglists at vanhlebarsoftware.com> wrote:

> Hi All:
> So I am now working on implementing schedules to the port. I had read
> access working just fine and added my home widget and then added the
> ability to skip a schedule and enter a schedule from the widget itself.
> Entering the widget creates the transaction just fine and on my port it
> advances the schedule to the next date and seems to be recording the
> payment correctly in the lastPayment and nextPaymentDue columns just fine.
> The issue is when I then move the file over to the desktop software the
> schedule that was entered shows as still being due. The transaction is
> reflected in the account just fine but the schedule has not been moved to
> the next due date.
> Is this information being pulled from somewhere other than kmmSchedules? I
> didn't see anything in the kmmKeyValuePairs table for schedules but I could
> be missing something I guess.
> Also I noticed that there is now a table kmmSchedulePaymentHistory, this
> appears to be new but it doesn't seem to have any data in it yet. Is this
> something that is going to be used in the future? I just need to know if I
> need to start populating this table as well. :)
> Thanks,
> -Eric
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