[Kmymoney-devel] Android Port: Question relating to Schedules

Eric Bonney mailinglists at vanhlebarsoftware.com
Tue Jul 10 21:50:55 UTC 2012

Hi All:

So I am now working on implementing schedules to the port. I had read
access working just fine and added my home widget and then added the
ability to skip a schedule and enter a schedule from the widget itself.

Entering the widget creates the transaction just fine and on my port it
advances the schedule to the next date and seems to be recording the
payment correctly in the lastPayment and nextPaymentDue columns just fine.
The issue is when I then move the file over to the desktop software the
schedule that was entered shows as still being due. The transaction is
reflected in the account just fine but the schedule has not been moved to
the next due date.

Is this information being pulled from somewhere other than kmmSchedules? I
didn't see anything in the kmmKeyValuePairs table for schedules but I could
be missing something I guess.

Also I noticed that there is now a table kmmSchedulePaymentHistory, this
appears to be new but it doesn't seem to have any data in it yet. Is this
something that is going to be used in the future? I just need to know if I
need to start populating this table as well. :)

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