[Kmymoney-devel] documentation problem (handbook) in svn

Alvaro Soliverez asoliverez at gmail.com
Fri Mar 12 00:54:57 CET 2010

Per KDE procedures, all documentation is kept in a different folder.
That's just to say this was not an arbitrary by us, but done by the
documentation the moment I commited the source to SVN back in May last

To build the source and the documentation together, you have to use
the same tool we use to create our tarball, which incidentally is
called 'createtarball'

You can get the script here:
You have to chmod +x createtarball.rb.
Then you have to run this command:

./createtarball.rb -a kmymoney -n

That will download the source code, the documentation and all
available translations for the source code and the documentation (only
those files translated in a 100% in the case of the documentation)

The result will be a tar.gz file that you can extract, then compile
and install just like the SVN code.

For applications in extragear and other areas of KDE, the
documentation can be viewed online, but that is not available for
applications. The rationale behind this is that applications in
playground are in an immature state and thus have no documentation. We
are rarity, due to our long history before going into playground and
our already sound development workflow.
Sometime this year we will move to extragear, and the documentation
will be available online.


On Thu, Mar 11, 2010 at 7:27 PM, Jack <ostroffjh at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> Hello,
> The current svn source seems not to include the source for the
> handbook.  I have found those files in a different branch of svn, but I
> can't figure out how to get them into the main tree so I can generate
> the handbook along with the new program.  I'd like to start working on
> the docs again (I realize I haven't done anything since 1.0) but I'm
> obviously missing some special incantation.  I did once try to enable
> the developer documentation, but that didn't do anything useful either.
> Any hints?
> Thanks.
> Jacck
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