[Kmymoney-devel] no ofx import in my latest svn compile

Jack ostroffjh at users.sourceforge.net
Sun Mar 7 17:01:01 CET 2010

On 2010.03.06 10:27, Cristian Oneţ wrote:
> În data de Sîmbătă 06 Martie 2010 15:17:20 Jack a scris:
>> so I guess it's just not finding the plugin?  I've confirmed it's  
>> configured to use it.  Next time I recompile, I'll save the output.  
>> Any hints on what I should look for?
> Here are a few hints:
> 1. Check that you have the plugins on your system look for the  
> kmm_ofximport.so file and the kmm_ofximport.desktop file
> 2. If you have those files and the plugins are not found try running  
> kbuildsycoca4 to refresh the registered services cache
> If none of this works maybe we can think of something else if you  
> give us some details about the way you install your SVN version.

Both of those files exist under the build directory and also in the  
installed area (/usr/local/...).  In addition, there is  

Within ~/KMM/KDE4/kmymoney I do 'svn up.'  Within that directory, I  
then to 'cd build' and 'make' and 'sudo make install.'  As far as I can  
tell, all fairly standard.   Is there any way to get more verbosity  
from the program when it tries to load the plugin?  If you point me to  
the source file, I can even just add some printf commands (or would  
that be cout? - it's been a while since I've done any c++)


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