metakit graph storage

Stanislav Karchebny berk at
Sat Feb 12 00:57:59 CET 2005

Probably we could take a look into this:

Since we're going to introduce metakit into kdelibs for akregator at some 
point, it wouldn't be too much overhead to use it (its lightweight anyway).

The only issue there are no SQL queries (only a python SQL interface an Tcl 
ODBC wrapper), but who knows... kexi guys are always around.

..just a random nightly thought..
keep in touch. berkus.

Roey on #kde-devel: when I hear best of breed I tune out--it's too much a 
buzzword. What I carry between my legs is best of breed. And like KDE, just 
because it's less visible doesn't mean it gets less usage.
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