Make the guide pages for Reporting bugs and Suggestions translatable in documentation

Tyson Tan tysontan at
Tue Jun 23 15:41:23 BST 2020


The translation doesn't have to be exact. I can rewrite the whole page 
with local-specific information -- like finding a translator in the 
local community and so on. As long as both version have the same amount 
of paragraphs, which isn't hard to achieve. In fact, I've already 
re-written many manual pages like this before.

I consider a localized version of the guides to be useful. They can stop 
people from reporting directly (I was guilty of this too because I never 
knew the articles exist). A properly translated guide will help the 
local communities to understand what to prepare for a proper bug report, 
and contact a translator if necessary.

So far the Chinese community have reported some meaningful bugs that is 
unknown before -- like ANGLE for some reason was not used in Auto mode 
under Windows, greatly slowing down Krita in many machines (to be fixed 
in 4.3.1). It has been a deal breaker for new users for who knows how 
long. Granted I was the one who translated all those reports for them, 
and I will be the only quasi-fulltime SC translator for a long time to 
come, but a localized guide gives the local reporters much more 
confidence, and a sense of belonging that they can do something for 

I can of course put the translated versions on's pages:
For now I've added some information on those pages telling them to:
1) Consult local Krita communities first;
2) If consider a new bug, move on to Krita Artist Forum;
3) Find a translator from the local community to help with the actual 

Please tell me your preferred approach. I can adapt to it.

Tyson Tan


On 2020-06-23 21:30, Alvin Wong wrote:
> Hi,
> This is just my opinion, but I think asking users who can't really
> communicate in basic English to report bugs in English using machine
> translations is not going to be very effective. The quality of machine
> translations can get really bad at times and is likely to cause
> miscommunication leading to confusion.
> This is not to say that the "reporting bugs" page should not be
> localized. I think it might make sense to have locale-specific
> versions of these pages which include pointers to regional communities
> that users can request help from others in their native languages.
> This is however only useful when said communities have active
> volunteering members that can help translate and report the bugs in
> English, and translate any comments back. But this may still not be
> very effective as it will just end up being a game of Chinese
> whispers.
> The "developing features" is a bit of a mix. The first half might be
> worth translating, but the latter half of the page is about actually
> developing a new feature. And to develop a feature and have it
> accepted would really require directly communicating with the Krita
> developers in English, so if someone can't understand the page they
> are less likely to achieve this goal.
> Best  regards,
> Alvin
> Tyson Tan 於 23/6/2020 10:01 寫道:
>> Hi guys,
>> May I suggest that we make the following manual pages to be 
>> translatable?
>> Reporting Bugs
>> Developing Features
>> Sorry for not following the procedures on these pages before. I never 
>> knew they were there, since they do not show up in my translation list 
>> that I thought by translating everything available I've covered 
>> everything I needed to know.
>> Although a bug report / feature request should be written in English, 
>> a properly translated guide helps non-English users to file a better 
>> report, even if they had to use translation software. Translators can 
>> also include additional information to help them choose words or to 
>> seek aid from a translator.

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