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Boudewijn Rempt boud at
Sat May 11 11:11:55 UTC 2013

On Saturday 11 May 2013 May 10:40:02 Shashwat Pant wrote:
> Hi all
> Let me first introduce myself. I am Shashwat Pant, an Engineering student
> from India and some of you might recognize me from IRC chat that I had few
> weeks back. Earlier I had my net issues but now it has been sorted *sort
> of*.


> Anyway, coming to point. I am eagerly looking to contribute to Krita and
> take part in GSOC ( I hope I am not too late).

Not for gsoc 2014... But for 2013 the submissions have been closed and the slots allocated to the orgs by Google.

But that's not that big a problem, since...

> I have fair knowledge of cpp, however i lack QT knowledge at present but
> I'll make up for it. I want you guys to help me get my first step into
> Krita development.

We can do that outside gsoc as well, either formally through Season of KDE, or just like with everyone else who starts on Krita, informally :-)

> Where and how should I get started. I haven't contributed to any OSS
> Projects as of now thus there's another catch. I am very much interested in
> working with Krita no matter how hard i need to work. I am looking forward
> to all of your help and inputs.

The best way would be to 

a) build and run krita from git master
b1) play and paint for a bit, note what you think can be improved
b2) check for wishes/bug reports against krita and pick one that looks likely
c) start hacking, discussing your work and progress frequently on irc so we can help you.

Please make sure to discuss things on #krita, instead of in private queries, and on this mailing list. That way everyone can help you instead of just one developer.

> Please do guide me in the best way.
> Thanks and Best Regards
> Shashwat
Boudewijn Rempt,,

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