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Shashwat Pant shashwat.pant at
Sat May 11 05:10:02 UTC 2013

Hi all

Let me first introduce myself. I am Shashwat Pant, an Engineering student
from India and some of you might recognize me from IRC chat that I had few
weeks back. Earlier I had my net issues but now it has been sorted *sort

Anyway, coming to point. I am eagerly looking to contribute to Krita and
take part in GSOC ( I hope I am not too late).

I have fair knowledge of cpp, however i lack QT knowledge at present but
I'll make up for it. I want you guys to help me get my first step into
Krita development.

Where and how should I get started. I haven't contributed to any OSS
Projects as of now thus there's another catch. I am very much interested in
working with Krita no matter how hard i need to work. I am looking forward
to all of your help and inputs.

Please do guide me in the best way.

Thanks and Best Regards

Freelancer Coder, Analyst and Open Source Evangelist
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