The new Transform Tool is now in master!

Boudewijn Rempt boud at
Thu Jan 24 10:44:46 UTC 2013

On Thursday 24 January 2013 Jan, Dmitry Kazakov wrote:
> Hi!
> I'm happy to tell you that the new shiny transform tool is in master now!
> So everyone can check and use it!


> Here is a short list of improvements you can expect from it:
> 1) The most important thing is that a huge heap of bugs has gone (there
> were about 15 bug reports!)
> 2) Now the tool does not show you the source of the transformation (it was
> titled as "ghost" by someone :) )
> 3) The undo/redo works perfectly in both of the cases: when you want to
> undo a part of your transformation before you applied it, and when you have
> already applied it.
> 4) The speed of the transformation is up to 2 times higher, because the
> layer and the selection are transformed concurrently.
> 5) You can finish the the transformation with Enter and cancel it with Esc
> keys (the same applies to the Move tool, btw)
> 6) The mouse cursors are painted right even when your canvas is rotated.
> 7) The tool doesn't create full-sized copies of your image in memory
> anymore (which used to cause crashes for many!). It uses thumbnails limited
> to 2000px for preview and paints them directly on your canvas, which made
> the interactions much smoother.
> So, everyone who hasn't tried it yet, it is time to update now! ;)
> PS:
> Btw, the fix for the openGL problem mifth had yesterday is merged as well!
> :)

Boudewijn Rempt,,

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