New round of testing for the OpenGL + bended lines fix

Timothée Giet animtim at
Mon Jan 21 12:30:26 UTC 2013

Hi Dmitry,

First, before to update, I tried to reproduce David's regression, couldn't
reproduce: here decorations are showing right.

After update:
0-lines seem the same as before (bend a little only on really too fast or
too big strokes)
1-no more warning message at all
2-Lasso tool outline still ok.
3-pop-up palette works.
(4-not on your branch, so...)

If I can test it on some different hardware I'll report results.

2013/1/21 Dmitry Kazakov <dimula73 at>

> Hi!
> Yesterday David found a regression caused by the disabling of Double
> Buffer [0]. It looks like the outlines and decorations of the tools start
> flickering and/or being rendered wrongly when double buffering is disabled.
> I have just pushed a patch that fixes this bug: it makes disabling the
> Double Buffer be the last resort. So now we entirely rely on that openGL
> extensions juggling code. Could you, please, test this code on various
> hardware so that I could backport it into calligra/2.6 as well? (yes,
> calligra/2.6 currently has this regression)
> What you should pay attention to when testing:
> 0) The lines must not be bended.
> 1) Does it show any warning messages when creating an image?
> 2) Is the outline of the Lasso Tool painted right? (doesn't flicker)
> 3) Pop-up palette must work.
> 4) (when on my branch only) The preview of the transform tool must be
> rendered right.
> The fix is present in both branches: master and
> krita-fixed-transform-kazakov, so you can test on any. The latter one is in
> a state of yesterday's master + a cool new transform tool :)
> [0] -
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> Dmitry Kazakov
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