New round of testing for the OpenGL + bended lines fix

Dmitry Kazakov dimula73 at
Mon Jan 21 08:06:10 UTC 2013


Yesterday David found a regression caused by the disabling of Double Buffer
[0]. It looks like the outlines and decorations of the tools start
flickering and/or being rendered wrongly when double buffering is disabled.

I have just pushed a patch that fixes this bug: it makes disabling the
Double Buffer be the last resort. So now we entirely rely on that openGL
extensions juggling code. Could you, please, test this code on various
hardware so that I could backport it into calligra/2.6 as well? (yes,
calligra/2.6 currently has this regression)

What you should pay attention to when testing:

0) The lines must not be bended.
1) Does it show any warning messages when creating an image?
2) Is the outline of the Lasso Tool painted right? (doesn't flicker)
3) Pop-up palette must work.
4) (when on my branch only) The preview of the transform tool must be
rendered right.

The fix is present in both branches: master and
krita-fixed-transform-kazakov, so you can test on any. The latter one is in
a state of yesterday's master + a cool new transform tool :)

[0] -

Dmitry Kazakov
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