Poll about users' most preferred desktop (was "GNOME and KDE users")

silvio grosso grossosilvio at yahoo.it
Wed Jun 29 23:37:46 CEST 2011

Hi everyone,

In the future, on the  Krita's web-page, it might be interesting to have a poll about the most preferred Linux Graphical Deskop for running Krita.
Naturally, with NO intention to start a flame among users :-)

I am thinking about something like that:
- What Linux distribution do you use for running Krita?
- Which Graphical Desktop have you picked (Gnome, Kde, Unity, Xfce etc)?

Maybe many  users prefer to use Gnome instead of  Kde because they come from Windows.
On Windows, very likely, they have tried at least Gimp.
When they try Linux for the first time often these new users start with Ubuntu (or something "similar" e.g. Mint).
Since Ubuntu, in the past,  was based primarily on Gnome this might explain their "choice".
As of now, with Unity on Ubuntu Natty everything has changed...

BTW, It looks like most of the principal graphical applications for handling pictures have been written using Gtk.
For instance: Gimp, Hugin, RawTherapee, CinePaint and so forth.
Hence the outcome for both artists and users to "enjoy" more the Gnome desktop.

Perhaps, *but* this is a wild guess, it might be they feel more at home on Gnome :-)

Best regards,

Silvio Grosso
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