Poll about users' most preferred desktop (was "GNOME and KDE users")

Boudewijn Rempt boud at valdyas.org
Thu Jun 30 12:44:31 CEST 2011

On Wednesday 29 June 2011 Jun, silvio grosso wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> In the future, on the  Krita's web-page, it might be interesting to have a poll about the most preferred Linux Graphical Deskop for running Krita.
> Naturally, with NO intention to start a flame among users :-)
> I am thinking about something like that:
> - What Linux distribution do you use for running Krita?
> - Which Graphical Desktop have you picked (Gnome, Kde, Unity, Xfce etc)?

It could be a really interesting survey indeed. I'm not sure we've got software for that on the website, but I think I saw some "poll module" -- bugsbane will now, of course. My gut feeling is that many users indeed use Krita on Gnome.

> Maybe many  users prefer to use Gnome instead of  Kde because they come from Windows.
> On Windows, very likely, they have tried at least Gimp.
> When they try Linux for the first time often these new users start with Ubuntu (or something "similar" e.g. Mint).
> Since Ubuntu, in the past,  was based primarily on Gnome this might explain their "choice".
> As of now, with Unity on Ubuntu Natty everything has changed...
> BTW, It looks like most of the principal graphical applications for handling pictures have been written using Gtk.
> For instance: Gimp, Hugin, RawTherapee, CinePaint and so forth.
> Hence the outcome for both artists and users to "enjoy" more the Gnome desktop.
> Perhaps, *but* this is a wild guess, it might be they feel more at home on Gnome :-)

I think it's mostly historical reasons... Cinepaint is of course a Gimp fork, and Gimp is where GTK came from. 

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