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Silvio Heinrich plassy at
Wed Jun 29 17:32:30 CEST 2011

On 06/28/2011 11:07 PM, David REVOY wrote:
> * It looks like something inbetween color selector and a palette. So, I
> understand if it's in a separate docker than the 'Advanced color
> selector'. For my workflow, I will dock it to switch them on the top of
> my right column GUI ; it will result with 3 tabs on top , Advanced color
> selector / Art.Color Selector / Specific color mixer ( for Hex color
> choice, and RGB / CMYK color reference ).

Adding a little menu to enter and show Hex and RGB values
wouldn't be a problem.
But can you tell me more about what you mean with
"RGB / CMYK color reference" and what you use it for.

> * As it is something looking like a palette, I looked for a button to
> save the result displayed ( that mean a button to restore an old one too ).

Ok, I understand... then this needs to be added to the resource 
management as well. As a preset or something...

> * Outline of the cell and ring in red are a bit to hard for me, may be a
> dark grey or something more neutral.
That is actually problematic. I really spent two hours or so on trying 
different color combinations. There are actually only two kinds of 
colors that work. Neutral gray and pure hues. If you decrease the light 
all dark colors will disappear, if you increase the light all light 
colors will disappear.
I've chosen neutral gray to outline all unselected cells (because pure 
hues would be to strong there). So actually I could only use a pure hue 
for the selection. I mean it is really problematic to not see the 
selected ring and piece. In the development process I first had a 
version without any outline. That was totally confusing to work with 
because at certain light and saturation states it wasn't possible to 
visually separate the color pieces anymore and it was hard to find the 
last selected color again... It is really important that the outline and 
the selection is always visible (it ties everything together).
I mean I can change the selection to pure green or pure blue (maybe it's 
more pleasant).

> * For artistic color choice, I dream about having something similar of
> this gammut mask selector :
> , A good book for
> reference about painters and colors is
> This color selector in developement make me think a lot about it, and
> the research of James Gurney (the author of the book).

:D I have this book here on my desk :D
I definitively will add support for gamut masks (this was one of my main 

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