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David REVOY davidrevoy at
Wed Jun 29 23:22:31 CEST 2011

>> * It looks like something inbetween color selector and a palette. So, I
>> understand if it's in a separate docker than the 'Advanced color
>> selector'. For my workflow, I will dock it to switch them on the top of
>> my right column GUI ; it will result with 3 tabs on top , Advanced color
>> selector / Art.Color Selector / Specific color mixer ( for Hex color
>> choice, and RGB / CMYK color reference ).
> Adding a little menu to enter and show Hex and RGB values
> wouldn't be a problem.
> But can you tell me more about what you mean with
> "RGB / CMYK color reference" and what you use it for.
For RGB/CMYK color reference, I talk about absolute colors given by a 
publisher or a client. That's why I also like tools like the 'Specific 
color mixer' to set it.

* In RGB, often for web and video games, I receive them as a Hex color 
number ; and it's often to match a graphic color chart.

* For CMYK, I receive more the kind of indication  like this for a green :
C:50% M:0% Y:100% K:0%
or more rarefully , with 0-255 as Krita 'specific color selector' manage :
C:127 M:0 Y:255 K:0
This is often for a publisher with already the color of background for 
book cover, or a color chart used in their product.
I did some postcard works with this kind of constrain about fixed 
background CMYK hue.

>> * As it is something looking like a palette, I looked for a button to
>> save the result displayed ( that mean a button to restore an old one too ).
> Ok, I understand... then this needs to be added to the resource
> management as well. As a preset or something...
It sound painfull to add , but that would be a very confortable feature 
to use it.
(on the long term )

>> * Outline of the cell and ring in red are a bit to hard for me, may be a
>> dark grey or something more neutral.
> That is actually problematic. I really spent two hours or so on trying
> different color combinations. There are actually only two kinds of
> colors that work. Neutral gray and pure hues. If you decrease the light
> all dark colors will disappear, if you increase the light all light
> colors will disappear.
> I've chosen neutral gray to outline all unselected cells (because pure
> hues would be to strong there). So actually I could only use a pure hue
> for the selection. I mean it is really problematic to not see the
> selected ring and piece. In the development process I first had a
> version without any outline. That was totally confusing to work with
> because at certain light and saturation states it wasn't possible to
> visually separate the color pieces anymore and it was hard to find the
> last selected color again... It is really important that the outline and
> the selection is always visible (it ties everything together).
> I mean I can change the selection to pure green or pure blue (maybe it's
> more pleasant).
Oh, I see. Not evident. May be red, then a pref for user to set the 
color he likes, ( or the color his system use for selected item )

>> * For artistic color choice, I dream about having something similar of
>> this gammut mask selector :
>> , A good book for
>> reference about painters and colors is
>> This color selector in developement make me think a lot about it, and
>> the research of James Gurney (the author of the book).
> :D I have this book here on my desk :D
> I definitively will add support for gamut masks (this was one of my main
> goals).
Cool ! Btw, I will receive Framed Ink this week :)
Thanks for gave me the ref of it during the sprint , this book looks to 
contain really precious tips.

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