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David REVOY davidrevoy at
Tue Jun 28 23:07:09 CEST 2011

Good job,
For Art. color selector :

* I really like the 'cell based' selection, and the 'hashing' or 
'splitting' of the HSV/L/Y gammut into little square. This is the first 
time I saw this and this kind of selection work, and it looks good, and 
easy to use ( select a color, and come back to the same color block )

* It looks like something inbetween color selector and a palette. So, I 
understand if it's in a separate docker than the 'Advanced color 
selector'. For my workflow, I will dock it to switch them on the top of 
my right column GUI ; it will result with 3 tabs on top , Advanced color 
selector / Art.Color Selector / Specific color mixer ( for Hex color 
choice, and RGB / CMYK color reference ).

* As it is something looking like a palette, I looked for a button to 
save the result displayed ( that mean a button to restore an old one too ).

* Outline of the cell and ring in red are a bit to hard for me, may be a 
dark grey or something more neutral.

* For artistic color choice, I dream about having something similar of 
this gammut mask selector : , A good book for 
reference about painters and colors is 
This color selector in developement make me think a lot about it, and 
the research of James Gurney (the author of the book).

On 28/06/11 18:34, Silvio Heinrich wrote:
> To David:
> This is the color selector I showed you at the krita sprint.
> If you want to test go ahead (everyone else of course to).
> To Everyone:
> I first wanted to make it a part of the palette docker I'm working on but
> then I thought it is maybe worth to create an own docker for it.
> Anyway I tried to base the design of the color selector on
> color theory. I still don't know if it qualifies to be included
> since we already have a lot of color selectors.
> I mean it helps me a lot to choose my color but maybe others
> won't find it that useful :)
> Please tell me what you think.
> Basic Usage:
> left click               ->  select foreground color
> right click              ->  select background color
> left click + drag mouse  ->  rotate entire wheel
> right click + drag mouse ->  rotate the ring that was clicked
> (rotating the wheel makes the selected color warmer and cooler)
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